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What is a House Show?

It's a show hosted by anyone (you, the reader of this page for example). The principle is simple, you open the doors to your living room (whether big or small), you invite your friends and family over to your house and we spend an evening of music together!

Here's what it looks like!

I won't ask for a salary. You'll just offer me a place to stay over night. During the concert I would ask the audience for a donation to cover my transportation costs.

The principle of HOUSE CONCERTS garantuees a high level of exchange between the artist and the audience. And this is exactly what I intend. A cultural exchange through the medium of music, across any kind of borders or barrier of language. I am going to document the experiences of my journey and am creating some episodes, that will be released on my Youtube channel:

If you are interested in doing a House Concert at your place, please let know and send me a message to: booking@germaid.de